A show without cellphones? Now there’s a novel idea


By Ray Hamill

I traveled to the Bay Area to see a show this past week, and I ended up taking a trip back in time, back to an age that seems like a lifetime ago, a time before cellphones at concerts.

The show was at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco and featured one of the most iconic women in the history of rock music, Chrissie Hynde, who apparently is not a big fan of cellphones at her shows, and, true to her character, isn’t afraid to voice her opinion on the matter.

As soon as you walked in the door, in fact, there were signs everywhere asking the audience in a polite manner not to use their cellphones during the show, while the ushers repeatedly echoed the sentiment as they led people to their seats.

I even noticed a few people taking photos of these signs with their cellphones, which I found kind of amusing, and I wanted to take a photo of these people taking photos of the signs that were asking them not to take photos, just to show Chrissie, but I’m not sure she would have appreciated the irony. Continue reading



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Why I fell in love with writing …


By Ray Hamill

So, after recently publishing my second novel, a book titled Free the Leprechauns, I took some time to reflect on the process, and being a writer I then did what any self-respecting writer would do in such a situation – I wrote about it.

And the more I wrote about the process, the more I realized how thoroughly I had enjoyed the moment, perhaps even more than I thought at the time.

Here’s a link to a blog on what I learned while writing Free the Leprechauns on a website called It’s Not All Gravy …


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Penning your novel is just the beginning


By Ray Hamill

While completing my second novel was a gratifying experience in many ways, having been down this particular road before, I was, however, well aware this conclusion was merely the first step.

It had been almost ten years between books and I had little illusion that the self-publishing industry had changed dramatically in that time – even for such a brief existence – but I also knew that at least one important thing remained the same and would probably always do so.

And that meant the hard work was just beginning. Continue reading

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