Penning your novel is just the beginning


By Ray Hamill

While completing my second novel was a gratifying experience in many ways, having been down this particular road before, I was, however, well aware this conclusion was merely the first step.

It had been almost ten years between books and I had little illusion that the self-publishing industry had changed dramatically in that time – even for such a brief existence – but I also knew that at least one important thing remained the same and would probably always do so.

And that meant the hard work was just beginning.

It might seem unfair, but for those of us who have yet to reach an established audience, writing the book is the easy part. Getting it noticed is the real challenge.

And that has meant spending countless hours in front of the computer in an attempt to promote the work, one website at a time, searching through, well, a googol of pages on Google, all in the name of reviews and mentions and a kindly plaudit or two.

But it was – and continues to be – also a learning experience.

The world we live in has changed dramatically with the arrival of the internet, but it has given many artists opportunities they could only have dreamed of a decade ago.

And that’s as true for writers as anyone else in the artistic world, offering us a platform to showcase our hard work and efforts.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy getting noticed.


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