Considering you have made it this far, you’re probably wondering exactly what this website is all about and whether you should expend any more of your precious social media time leafing through its pages or quickly move along.

Free the Leprechauns is a site I originally started in an effort to promote my book of the same name before it evolved into a blog site offering an assortment of observations on life and this always crazy yet sometimes wonderful and intriguing world we live in. 

The blogs, I hope, keep with the spirit of the book, a satirical look at the flaws of contemporary society told in a shamelessly humor narrative.



At the age of 10, having failed in his lifelong ambition to become a vigilante vampire werewolf – otherwise known as a vamp-wolf – Ray Hamill finally admitted defeat and turned his attention full-time to daydreaming instead.

A mere feIMG_0838w decades later, the world of crime fighting’s loss is now the literary world’s gain.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Ray has spent much of his life living among the redwoods in Northern California, working as a journalist for a host of local newspapers in addition to writing for Freetheleprechauns.com. He also writes a sports blog at Bar Stool Fanatics.com and has two published books, Help Me, I’m Irish – a book about the non-meaning of life and Free the Leprechauns. 

Ray is also the host of a weekly radio sports talk show broadcast locally in Northern California on Blue Ox Community Radio.

You can contact Ray at raha670@gmail.com.


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